June 13, 2024

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Sorsogon City COMELEC staff highly rated by local media

The Sorsogon City Comelec staff. In the middle is Atty. Karla S. Jerrera, City Comelec Supervisor. Contributed photo

The local media are all praises for the Sorsogon City COMELEC staff as they receive and review the candidate’s Certificate of Nomination and COC in spite of instances wherein candidates’ supporters and the media are nearly swarming to witness the filing.

They never quivered nor disturbed showing the character of professionalism, patience at its best, giving leeway within the bounds of justifiable works. They have shown a character of a real public servant.

As Atty Karla Jerrera, the City COMELEC Supervisor, exemplified their fortitude to serve, though how taxing and agonizing to wait for the would-be filers, the local media notices that they remained unmindful of the melee from the candidates supporters and the media jostling for positions for the best angle shot. It was a nerve-wracking scene that patience was the best thing that they exhibited.

The staff is on the lookout for the breach of health protocols with the assistance of local PNP personnel, and in the absence of RT-PCR results, candidates were made to issue a health declaration.

Atty Jerrera said that they will continue their information dissemination in order that breach of Comelec pronouncement with regards to early campaigning, not become an issue among contenders as such she emphasized that there is a moral obligation as a candidate to observe the forty-five days campaign period since officially all the filers are not officially considered a candidate and can only become during the campaign period.

There was no untoward incident during the filing and those vying for the city elective seats as of press time are thirty-three. All were accorded respect and properly assisted in the review of their documents.

None was heard complaining.