June 21, 2024

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For best results, advertise at Bicol Express News. A variety of ads are available for purchase.

728×90 pixels – the width of the page, optimally positioned between the masthead and the content.

Medium rectangle
300×250 pixels – placed anywhere on the page. Content generally flows around ads, although multiple ads may appear on one page. The following file types may be used for ads .gif .jpg .png .swf Flash.

120×600 pixels vertical banner placed to the right of page content.

Banner ad
468×60 pixels – a long rectangle placed at the top of the page.

A minimum commitment of P10,000 or $200 per month is required for a Flash advertisement.

For video advertisement a minimum of P15,000 or $300 per month. (Inclusions: Posting in Bicol Express News website and social media sites)

For inquiries email us at bicolexpressnews@gmail.com