June 16, 2024

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Uploaded video allegedly identifies masterminds in the killing of former Sorsogon board member Peter Ravanilla

Former Sorsogon board member Peter Ravanilla. (In white shirt). Photo from FB

An unidentified person uploaded a video statement now circulating identifying the masterminds in the killing of former Sorsogon First District Board Member Peter Ravanilla of Sorsogon alleging that more than a million pesos were offered to hit the board member.

Ravanilla was murdered on April 11, 2017 after a morning walk near their residence by a still unidentified assailant. He was a former three-term city councilor representing the West District of Sorsogon City and a first termer board member popularly known as “Yadi Na” before he was gunned down.

The killing became a cold case file and the revelation in the uploaded video may re-open the investigation by police and other investigative agencies.

As of this posting as alleged in the video the persons involved who masterminded the killing have not given a public statement to defunct the allegation.

Bobot Laguna, a freelance media practitioner identifying the uploader as “Daniel” that according to the family of the whistle blower he is asking an apology to the 3 individuals named in his expose for dragging them in the murder of former Board Member Pedro Ravanilla.

“Daniel’s” relatives who are in Manila are planning to come to Sorsogon to clarify the allegations in the subject video according to Laguna but the information is still raw.