March 3, 2024

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Lacson-Sotto tandem tag Sorsogon as NPC country

Presidential aspirant Panfilo 'Ping' Lacson and Sorsogon governor Chiz Escudero with NPC candidates. Photo from Lacson FB page

In a press conference with local and national media, presidential candidate Senator Panfilo Lacson and his vice-presidential running mate Senate President Vicente Sotto tag Sorsogon province as a Nationalist People’s Coalition country, but fell short in saying that the tandem has the full support of the local executives.

Sorsogon, à political power base headed by Governor Chiz Escudero, who is also seeking a comeback in the Upper House, together with town local chief executives, filed their candidacies in October 2021 under the NPC party whose daunted machinery today is top of the hill.

Presidential aspirant Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson. Photo from Lacson FB page

So far, Escudero was not heard endorsing the tandems bid for the two highest elective positions.

The duo were welcomed by the Governor, given their long friendship in the Senate and the funding assistance received by the province for its infrastructure development was acknowledged by the Governor which did not escape the observation by Lacson and Sotto.

Amazed was the descriptive word of Lacson for the transformation.

During the presscon, Lacson was asked how he will prioritize the national budget if he becomes president.

His answered the Department of Health to receive the biggest slice for it to respond to the immediate needs of the endemic period.

Though the Constitution expressed that Education must receive the biggest slice of the national budget.

Lacson said Health will be the biggest challenge after the pandemic period as we face the endemic status for there might be unseen challenges.

“Planning ahead is crucial for we dont want to experience again the late pandemic response by the government, referring to PRRD action,” he said.

“It matters that the unseen and the present situation be planned to avoid repeating the slow response we have seen,” Lawson said.

We should always be prepared for the next pandemic.