April 17, 2024

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Kiko Pangilinan bares policy insights in a Robredo Presidency scenario; Covid-19 fight, frontliners welfare, agriculture, farmers, fisherfolk, justice system, ethics

Senator Kiko Pangilinan was warmly welcomed by members of 1Sambayan Sorsogon. Photo: Tribuna

by Bicol Express News

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, during his visit in Sorsogon on Saturday, said the fight against Covid-19 must be given serious attention, specifically for the support of frontliners, health workers, and health infrastructure system.

About 500 billion pesos for Covid-19 can be realigned from the budget without resorting to foreign borrowing.

Pangilinan was in Sorsogon on Saturday as follow up for Vice President Leni Robredo pink caravan visit in Sorsogon last week.

Robredo and Pangilinan are running for President and Vice President respectively in the May 2022 national elections under the banner “Team Leni-Kiko”.

During the press conference in Sorsogon, Pangilinan gave brief insights to policies in a Robredo Presidency scenario.

Vice presidential aspirant Kiko Pangilinan in Sorsogon province. Photo: Bicol Express News

He said more attention must be given to agriculture, to support farmers and fisherfolk, post harvest facilities, and raise rural income while upgrading food security.

Encouraging government direct buying of goods from farmers and farm producers, disregarding the process of bidding.

Supporting the dispensation and delivery of justice system, more funds to improve the judiciary infrastructures.

Raising up the moral ascendancy of government by promoting the moral and ethical standards and practices in governance.

Pangilinan could have said more but time constraint prevented him to discuss lengthy issues in the presscon. I
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