May 19, 2024

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Sorsogon has not spend a single peso yet in “I left my Heart in Sorsogon” teleserye: Chiz

Gov. Chiz Escudero. Bicol Express News photo

Not a single peso was spent by the provincial government of Sorsogon in the bubble shoot of GMA Teleserye “I left my Heart in Sorsogon” was the explanation of Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero during a meet -up with the local press at his residence.

The question was raised after the tourism officer of the province Bobby Gigantone mentioned that ten million pesos will cover accommodation, foods, and transportation for the 150 GMA personnel involved in the bubble shoot.

Lock-in tapping of teleserye “I Left My Heart In Sorsogon. Bicol Express News photo

Escudero admitted that the appropriated funds were taken from the Kasanggayahan budget but clarified that the amount is merely a show money or an assurance that we have the ready funds to answer certain expenses part of the agreement with GMA 7. The appropriated amount is a counterpart to the network for them to promote the province.

Escudero reasoned that spending as much as 20 million for Kasanggayahan activities running for a limited period wherein the promotion of the province is limited than appropriating 10 million as a guarantee fund for a Teleserye whose airing time is four months and be seen nationwide. The province has so much to gain when it began airing promoting its tourism sites never seen before and known nationally.

Lock-in tapping of teleserye “I Left My Heart In Sorsogon. Bicol Express News photo

On day one, Governor Chiz said their objective is to raise the show money from private sources since it will benefit the sector most.

He equated it to other local government units such as Baler in Aurora, Siquijor whose province prominence increase because of national exposure in television. They have spent more than our appropriated amount.

One of the conditions as part of the agreement is to have the name of Sorsogon in the title of the teleserye said the governor whose wife Heart Evangelista is the lead character of the teleserye.

He repeatedly said that not a single peso was spent by the province even questioning the audit commission inquiry regarding the expenditure since it was merely an appropriation and unspent.  (BicolExpress.News / All rights reserved. Copyright 2021)

Lock-in tapping of teleserye “I Left My Heart In Sorsogon. Bicol Express News photo

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