April 24, 2024

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Netizens reacted to 1Sambayan’s statement on its nominees

From 1Sambayan FB

MANILA, Philippines – After 1Sambayan posted their statement on the process of selecting nominees for president few of its nominees took to social media to defer their inclusion in the list saying that they don’t have a plan to seek the presidency.

The statement of the group on June 12, timed for the 123rd Celebration of Philippine Independence day saying that they have painstakingly arrived at its second significant milestone which is the Selection Criteria.

Character, capability, and track record are weighty considerations for candidates. Three basic requirements were met by the nominees, to be nominated by a bonafide member of 1Sambayanan, no objection by the nominee after the initial discussion, the most important that they believe in the unity of democratic and good governance forces.

But it cautioned that no specific positions nor a firm decision to run by the nominee, meaning a waiting game until the administration name their nominees. It added that it respects and supports their nominees desire to think, weigh, and discern if it is truly their personal position to be in the position of power that such is not an easy decision to make believing that true servant leadership is a challenging vocation.

Various reactions reaching 1.2k since it was posted five hours ago were varied. Others viewing the statement poking holes on it, many are agreeable that the selection is progressing still others are negatively pictured its convenor Supreme court Retired Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio for negative comment against Senator
Grace Poe in 2016.

Said AJ Rodriguez “This is a good process similar to the primaries in the US. We want for the national leaders to be vetted more thoroughly. We often find ourselves in a quagmire when our national leaders are not elected by the majority of the people… “ Wen Ilisan commented that “if nominees were informed after initial discussion, then why would Poe, Recto, Villanueva and Diokno announced that they have no plans for running for the presidency right after the nominees were revealed?…. Fer Gonzales and Jose Cortez are in opposing view regarding the withdrawal of certain nominees after their names were revealed, Part of Gonzales reaction was …”Your noble cause is crumbling before it ever(even) begins. Don’t let yourself be played out by the trapos.”

The response was from JM Ramiso saying “that is the whole essence of being consultative and if the nominees have seen the whole 1Sambayanan during the event last June 12 where more criteria and agenda from different sectors were discussed and outlined then the nominees have the freedom to proceed or withdraw. That is the difference of 1Sambayanan, this is not a political party but a movement composed of many sectors of our society.”

Other nasty exchanges between pros and cons on the issues flooded the comment column of the statement.