June 16, 2024

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Nathan Sergio of Naga City: deeply experienced, well-prepared to join City Council

Nathan Sergio (FB photo)

Nathan Sergio, former Councilor of Naga City, Camarines Sur, is going back to City Hall.

Nathan is running for Councilor as independent.

According to Naga old timers, just look closely at Nathan Sergio’s background:

27 years of serving in the Local Government of Naga.

9 years in the legislative branch as Councilor of Naga City, in the years 2007-2016.

Before becoming a Councilor, he served in LGU-Naga for 18 years, years 1989-2007.

Nathan was Secretary to the Mayor (Asst. Department Head, Mayor’s Office) for 8 years, 1999-2007.

In those 8 years, he had been Officer in Charge on concurrent capacity at the Local Civil Registrar’s Office (LCRO) for 5 months.

He was Chief of Urban Poor Affairs Office (UPAO) for 10 years, 1989-1999.

Working in LGU – NAGA, Nathan was assigned in several positions, managing offices, and implemented programs and projects.

According to old timers, Nathan is so prepared and much experienced for City governance.

Nathan Sergio deserves to be back to his old post in the City Council.