June 21, 2024

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Councilor bet Nathan Sergio wants to serve Naga City to pay back gratitude for surviving polio

Nathan Sergio (FB photo)

Looking back, Nathan Sergio believes that one of the reasons why he decided to stay in Naga City, Camarines Sur, despite a job offer in Manila, was to serve the City which gave him another chance to live.

He is running for city Councilor, a political comeback after he had served the city before as councilor.

Nathan had worked in the City Government for almost 20 years, under then Mayor Jesse Robredo, Leni’s late husband, and also became City Councilor.

“Struggle with polio”

Nathan narrated how he got his polio.

According to him, during the late ’60s, the polio epidemic reached the town of Buhi, Camarines Sur, affecting hundreds of infants and children.

At barely two years of age, he (Nathan) contracted the virus leaving some of his muscles paralyzed.

“Naga City saves him”

Nathan was brought all the way to Naga, the nearest city with the hospital facility capable of accommodating such cases.

His entire body was in complete paralysis except for his eyes during that time.

His family feared he would not survive, as with the fate of the many children afflicted with the disease in their town.

“Triumph over polio”

Fortunately, Nathan responded well to the treatment.

Throughout his childhood, Nathan regularly wore specially designed leg braces for walking.

“Moving on, strings of achievement”

In spite of his parents’ disapproval, he insisted on doing routine housework to show that he was just as capable of doing the same things as his siblings.

Over time, his physical condition improved.

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