April 20, 2024

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Comelec Commissioner Guanzon urging for entire en banc to resign, says Reyes of BAYAN

Photo courtesy of GMA

Commissioner Rowena Gaunzon was at the Manila Cathedral on Monday, defending her vote to disqualify Bongbong Marcos and calling on the entire en banc to resign.

This was disclosed by Renato Reyes Jr, of BAYAN, a progressive multi-sectoral alliance.

“Sirang sira na kayo dyan. Sabay sabay tayong mag-resign ngayon! My duty is to protect the public from disqualified candidates!”, Commisioner Guanzon was reported having publicly announced.

Reyes said: “Commissioner Guanzon is right to disqualify Marcos from the presidential race.”

“Commisioner Guanzon is also right to assert her vote amid the obvious efforts to delay the release of the resolution until she retires and her vote is excluded,” Reyes said.

“We stand with Commissioner Guanzon in her fight to ensure the integrity of the Comelec,” Reyes declared.

The Comelec has not even investigated allegations that a politician is influencing the Division.

Reyes threw questions that Comelec must answer:
Why is there no outrage nor alarm in the Comelec?
Why is there no probe up to now? If the Comelec can be influenced this way in favor of Marcos.
What does that say of its impartiality in presiding over the elections?

“Not since the “Hello Garci” incident has the Comelec faced such a serious crisis, now that one of its own has cried foul over maneuverings that seemingly favor a candidate.” he said.

Reyes urged the Comelec First Division to issue the resolution and to investigate the politician allegedly trying to influence the Comelec.

“We call in the public to stand with Commissioner Guanzon”, he declared.