June 21, 2024

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Camarines Sur’s Villafuertes back Leni Robredo president bid amid “withdraw call” from opponents

Photo: Leni Robredo FB page

“It’s time for Bicolanos to unite and support our fellow Bicolano. I, Luigi Villafuerte am proud to say that I am endorsing Leni Robredo for President,” declared Luigi Villafuerte, who is a candidate for Governor in Camarines Sur.

Luigi belongs to the powerful family of politicians in Camarines Sur.

Luigi is the younger son of incumbent Congressman LRay Villafuerte (2nd  District, Camarines Sur) and brother of outgoing Governor Migz Villafuerte who is now running for Representative of 5th District.

“Throughout the Easter break I’ve been carefully thinking and praying about my decision on who to support for President. Our stand has always been to vote and support whoever is in our hearts, and I can wholeheartedly say that for me, that is Leni”, said Luigi.

Political observers in the province interpreted Luigi’s statement as total endorsement for Robredo by the Villafuertes.

Luigi cast his support for Leni amid calls from other presidential candidates to Robredo to withdraw from the race.