May 30, 2024

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“ABC” Chavez of Camarines Sur: from the executive to legislation, setting goals in Congress

"ABC" Antonio B. Chavez of Camarines Sur (Fourth District). Contributed photo

Antonio B. Chavez, former Mayor of San Jose, Camarines Sur, believes sustainable development of small municipalities can be achieved effectively through legislation in Congress.

Chavez sees that innovative development policies can be legislated into laws, growth in towns can easily be effected and directed to meet target goals.

Chavez, known as ABC for his initials, had a string of successes as Mayor of San Jose, serving nine (9) years or 3 terms in the executive post, from 2010-13, 2013-16, and 2016-19.

As Mayor, he had maximized the town’s programs and projects from the its meager resources, and he did a great job.

This year 2022, ABC (Chavez) has aimed his goal to get a seat in Congress, representing the Fourth District of Camarines Sur.

Once he win the Congressional post in the May elections, ABC will introduce measures in the House of Representatives, as guided from his experiences in the executive branch.