June 16, 2024

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Sorsogon Provincial Health Office sets vaccination targets to LGU’s

Vaccination rollout in Sorsogon province. Contributed photo

With the big number of unvaccinated residents in Sorsogon, the Provincial Health Office issued a weekly target for the
fourteen towns (14) and the city health offices to ramp-up their vaccination efforts, with strict orders to achieve the target.

The targets are incorporated in Executive Order No. 29-2021 issued November 8 by Governor Francis Joseph “Chiz” Escudero as achievable goals of local government units.

The targeted numbers are spread out in a six weeks period based from November 6 data, but are expected to increase with the opening of the 12-17 age bracket. 

The town of Sta. Magdalena has the least unvaccinated with 9,125 where it needs to vaccinate 1,521 qualified individuals for the next six weeks.

Sorsogon City is required to inoculate 15,232 for the period with its 91,392 listings still unvaccinated.

The town of Bulan with 63 barangays should come up with 9,739 per week as it needs to include 58,530 more individuals qualified to receive the dose.

Followed by Castilla, 6,169 weekly quota out of the 37,011 qualified for the vaccine.

Pilar another coastal municipality needs to dispense its doses to 50,493 at a rate of 8,416 is necessary to accomplish the number.

Gubat town is tasked to inoculate 54,985 for the next six weeks to close the 35,907 unvaccinated residents.

The landlock town of Irosin has 5,618 weekly targets to zero-base It’s 33,707 unvaccinated residents.

The town of Donsol famous for Butanding sightings should vaccinate 5,726 per week out of the 31,653 that should be fully vaccinated.

The southern tip of the province is Matnog, the gateway to the Visayas should be up to accomplish its quota needing to entice 23,619 qualified for a vaccination with a 3,937 log.

The interior town of Magallanes known for its blue crabs and lighthouse should contend with 3,804 weekly targets out of 23,619.

The booming town of Casiguran known for its tourism and social services programs has 19,654 remaining numbers, hence a weekly number of 3,276 is necessary.

Another second district town Bulusan famous for its Bulusan Lake needs to dispense 2,261 doses weekly to settle the backlog of 13,562.

The third least number is Prieto. Diaz recently recognized for its mangrove re-forestation management is 11,602 away to complement its backlog, but needs to dispense its vaccine doses to 1,934 per week.

Barcelona with its ruins and having its limestone church as a national heritage has the least number given its small population, but is rated to vaccinate 1,893 per week out of 11,354 listed.

The task is a big challenge for the local governments for all are coastal in character and the meager resources is a minus for them.

But resourcefulness, creativity, dedication and perseverance are the key to their success.