May 20, 2024

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RHU Castilla home visit barangay residents

Castilla PIO photo

Not even a Sunday or a holiday deter the commitment of Dr. Melquiades Boque Jr. and his staff of their sworn oath to serve the residents of Castilla that their scheduled visit is anticipated by barangay residents.

This proves that a Sunday, October 10, the RHU team visited Barangay San Salvacion easing the apprehensions and fear of residents that their health conditions amid the fear of pandemic symptoms will be properly attended.

Dr. Boque, Jr. was responding to the thrust of LGU Castilla Mayor Isagani ‘Bong’ Mendoza to bring closer to the people access to health part of his social agenda that was well accepted by rural folks.

On his part, Mayor Mendoza has seen the potential of the program as an answer to the long-held belief that self-medication rather than an assessment of a qualified rural health doctor of their conditions may have a change of perception that over the counter medicines is a good cure. The RHU team headed by Dr. Boque Jr. will recommend whenever a case needs hospitalization to prevent deterioration of the physical well-being of a resident.

Mayor Mendoza acknowledged that the pandemic leads to the rural folks believe that a symptom associated with COVID-19 requires hospitalization. Such fear is coupled with the economic situations experienced by most, he added.