May 20, 2024

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Petition opposes Congressman Villafuerte tinkering of State University

Central Bicol State University of Agriculture. Photo from FB

“Congressman LRay Villafuerte, don’t turn the State University into your “lapida”, (tomb marker). Don’t be so “gahaman” (greedy).”

Representative LRay Villafuerte on September 8, 2021, has filed a bill, HB 10170, renaming the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) in Camarines Sur into Gov. Luis R. Villafuerte University of Agriculture.

His move has triggered an avalanche of protests, numbering more than 7,500 signatures in an online petition, #NotoHB10170, currently circulating in the Web.

A note trending in social media asks if the Villafuertes are not satisfied of splashing their family names on school roof tops, overpasses, waiting sheds, Barangay halls, public plaza buildings, and school buildings.


To update millennials, CBSUA has a rich history of changing names, mostly tinkering by politicians.

1918 – Camarines Sur Agricultural School
1925 – Camarines Sur Agricultural High School
1954 – Camarines Sur Regional Agricultural School
1960 – Camarines Sur Agricultural College
1982 – Camarines Sur State Agricultural College
2009 – Central Bicol State University of Agriculture


The trending social media message declares:

“Our beloved CBSUA is now 103 years old.
And, this LRay Villafuerte wants to change the name of our century old school to GOV. LUIS R. VILLAFUERTE UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE “to honor the memory and advocacy” of his late father.”

“Pero Mr. LRay, it’s your time to respect the people.
You did not even consult the stakeholders of the school.”

“Ano ba? Nakulangan pa ba kamong lagyan “Villafuerte” ang every waiting shed, overpass, school roofs sa Camarines Sur?”

(What for? Do you feel lacking, not satisfied, of putting “Villafuerte” on every waiting shed , overpass, school roofs in Camarines Sur?)

“Wag mo naman gawing lapida ang school namin.
Wag naman masyadong gahaman.”
(Don’t use our school as “tomb marker”.  Don’t be so greedy”.)