May 28, 2023

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Mayon Volcano up to Alert Level 1; Bulusan Volcano down to Alert Level Zero – PHIVOLCS-DOST

Photo by Erickson Balderama

PHIVOLCS-DOST jacks up Mayon Volcano alert level from zero to Alert Level 1 in Albay Province, while the agency downgraded the alert level for Bulusan Volcano in Sorsogon Province, from Alert Level 1 to Alert Level Zero.

Describing the Mayon Volcano, the monitoring agency says Mount Mayon has been exhibiting abnormal conditions, and has entered a period of unrest.

The agency warns the public that entry into the 6-km Permanent Danger Zone or PDZ must be strictly avoided due to an increase in the chances of sudden steam-driven or phreatic eruption, including the perennial hazards of rockfalls, avalanches and ash bursts at the summit area, that may occur without warning.

PHIVOLCS-DOST warns people living in valleys and active river channels to be cautious and to remain vigilant against sediment-laden streamflows and lahars in the event of prolonged and heavy rainfall brought about by the advent of the rainy season.


The volcano monitoring agency is closely monitoring Mayon Volcano’s activity and any new development will be immediately communicated to all concerned.

Meanwhile, PHIVOLCS-DOST lowered the alert level status for Bulusan Volcano in Sorsogon from Alert Level 1 to Alert Level 0, as it has been showing signs of normalcy.

Bulusan Volcano has returned to normalcy following a general decline in monitoring parameters.

This means observational parameters have returned to baseline or background levels and no magmatic eruption is foreseen in the immediate future.