March 3, 2024

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Coast Guard rescues half submerged cargo vessel off Pio Duran, Albay

Photo: Philippine Coast Guard

A cargo sea vessel that was half submerged was rescued by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Sub-Station Pio Duran and towed safely toward the port..

The Coast Guard said Monday, it responded to a maritime incident involving sea vessel Cargo Jal Express that became half submerged near the shoreline of Pio Duran Port in Albay today, 22 August 2022.

Based on the investigation, the cargo boat’s propeller got entangled with the mooring lines of another sea vessel, LCT Aldain Dowey, while conducting undocking maneuvers.

PCG and PNP personnel assisted the distressed vessel and reported no injuries among its crew. The responding team also towed and secured the boat.

Photo: Philippine Coast Guard

According to the Disaster Risk Reduction Climate Change Adaptation (DRR CCA) office of Pio Duran, the distressed boat was loaded with sacks of rice, sugar, flour, flour, grocery items, agricultural products, petroleum products, and other necessities that would be transported to Claveria, Masbate.

The maritime incident occurred amid big waves and strong winds due to the southwest monsoon.