June 21, 2024

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Management speaks out regarding fire at Oriental Hotel in Legazpi City, Albay

Photo: Brigada News FM Legazpi

The storage room at the front desk of the Oriental Hotel in Legazpi City caught fire around 3:00 pm, Monday, January 10, 2022.

Responding firefighters immediately extinguished the fire.

The BFP is still investigating the cause of the fire.

In a related development, the Oriental Hotel management issued its Official statement for the minor accident that occurred in the property.

Photo: Brigada News FM Legazpi

The management said:

“Today at around 3:00 pm, a small fire started in one of our storage rooms. It was a minor accident caused by the spark from the welding works happening on the railings above and there was very little damage, just a lot of smoke because of the items we had in the storage.”

The management admitted the hotel has been undergoing improvement works.

“We have also kept quiet about what we’ve been doing but we felt the concern and so in our wish to dispel any rumors, accusations and other fake news, we have decided not to keep our work a big surprise anymore,” the Oriental Hotel management said.

“We are doing major renovations for The Oriental Legazpi. We have been around for more than ten years and during this time, as we are still closed, we are continuously improving and planning out the big changes for the property.”