July 13, 2024

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LTO-Bicol starts issuance of 10-year license valid to qualified drivers

Photo: LTO Bicol

More than 166 applicants were included in the first batch of those who successfully availed 10-year license validity in LTO Region 5 (Bicol) on its first day of implementation.

On Tuesday, November 16, LTO Region 5 has already started issuing 10-year license card validity to qualified license holders, where all District Offices in the region have successfully issued said licenses.

Photo: LTO Bicol

Those who obtained 10-year license validity underwent Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) and had no recorded record of LTO violation in the last five years prior to their renewal.

This program is in accordance with implementation of Republic Act No. 10930 which aims to raise the level of driver education in the country and extend the validity of license of sensible drivers.