April 24, 2024

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Ex-Mayor Tony Chavez of San Jose, Camarines Sur replaces showbiz Anjo Yllana by substitution as Congressional candidate in 4th District

Tony B. Chavez on Monday, November 15, 2021, shows his Certificate of Candidacy for Representative, 4th District, Camarines Sur, replacing Anjo Yllana by substitution. Photo by Russel Rosero

Former San Jose Mayor Antonio B. Chavez replaces Anjo Yllana, by substitution, as congressional candidate in Partido area, 4th District, Camarines Sur.

Chavez is former Mayor of San Jose for three terms, while his son Dr. Mac Chavez is current town Mayor also seeking reelection.

Showbiz Anjo Yllana, who had been going the rounds in the 4th district in the past few months testing the political waters, gave way to Chavez after surveys revealed Anjo was not surging forward.

Chavez will be challenging incumbent Congressman Arnie B. Fuentebella in the May 2022 polls.