April 24, 2024

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Albay Congressman Salceda backs Leni Robredo, but gives smooching kissing lips gesture to his VP

Photo by Vince Villar

By Joey Natividad, Senior Editor

Albay Congressman Joey Salceda backs presidential candidate Leni Robredo, but gives a sign of smooching kissing lips to his chosen vice president, without naming any candidate, keeping everyone guessing.

Salceda says he is backing up Robredo, not because of being Bicolano but she is the best candidate deserving for the country.

He says, during on the spot media interview, “Robredo has no vested interest that may conflict with her duties as President.”

That day on Wednesday, Leni and her running mate Kiko Pangilinan, and their senatorial candidates are in Albay as part of their Bicol leg in their grand campaign rally.

“Robredo has compassion for the poor and can connect harmoniously with them,” Salceda speaks of Leni Robredo.

Leni has proven herself in good governance.

She is resourceful, raising funds during the pandemic to fight Covid 19, without the need for government to raise taxes.

“Such funds Robredo has raised is equivalent to (14%) fourteen percent of the GDP,” Salceda says.

“She is better qualified than the other presidential candidates,” Salceda swears.

But, when asked about his chosen vice president bet, Salceda closes his lips in a smooching kissing style and makes a sign gesture, much to the astonishment of media people, keeping them guessing. (Bicol Express News)