June 23, 2024

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SSC now a university; Marching Band performs SSC Hymn for the last time during the university declaration ceremony

The SSC marching band performed the SSC Hymn for the last time composed by Prof. Marigrace Despi Carretero. (Image courtesy of JV Medalla)

The Sorsogon State College was conferred with university status earlier today by the Commission on Higher Education represented by its Chairman Prospero De Vera lll in a ceremony which was held at the newly-declared university’s audio-visual hall. 

In a statement, Governor Chiz Escudero proudly announced  that the Sorsogon State  University will be offering health related courses in the near future. Escudero also said that SSU  is set to open B.S. Biology and Nursing Courses in the next two years.

During the event, the institution’s new logo and its new university hymn were unveiled while the SSC Marching Band performed for the last time the SSC Hymn and paid tribute to its composer, Prof. Marigrace Despi Carretero.

Marigrace Carretero is currently an Associate Professor at the Sorsogon State University.

A teacher and scholar, she was awarded the Most Outstanding Teacher of Sorsogon in 2016 during the Search for Outstanding Teachers by the Escudero Foundation. She has also conducted academic and community training. and workshops in theater arts, storytelling and writing (national, regional and local).

SSC Hymn composer, Marigrace Despi Carretero

A composer and internationally published poet, she has published research works and articles on sociolinguistics, poems and stories including Sadtong Panahon: Oral Storytelling Training Course for Pre-Service Teachers (at JPAIR International) and Kuskus Lapis: Mga Tula ni Marigrace Despi Carretero. 

She is currently writing her Ph. D. dissertation in Language Education at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.