April 24, 2024

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Sorsogon prov’l gov’t allocated P100M for “Kalusugan” 2024 operation

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By Bicol Express News

The rolling out of the “KALUSUGAN” as a banner program under the 7K agenda was forecasted to cover and sustain its activities that include “Simulat Katapusan,” the Rolling Clinic Pharmacy,” “Doctors to the Household,” that of GIDA KA! (AQUA- DOC) and “Smile Sorsogon: that will enhance Dental Health for all.

Under the Simulat Katapusan Php 38,212,000 was programmed as assistance for birth delivery and death of an individual. The Rolling Clinic and Pharmacy was funded Php20,516.484 as an outreach program of Sorsogon Provincial Hospital intended for medical and laboratory services including the supplies of medical and laboratory needs of patients. While the Doctors to the Household will have Php9,444.72 which is another SPH outreach program to identify bedridden patients in
the barangays will have a periodic medical visits.

The GIDA KA! (Aqua-Doc) was allocated Php 2,924,508 to enhanced and proportionate the medical attention to give coastal barangays, two from Magallanes (Behia and Biga)one in Juban (Sablayan) and also two from Matnog (Calintaan and Calayuan). They qualified under the program for they are considered Geographically Isolated and Disadvantage Area of the province. The third largest fund was earmarked to Smile Sorsogon that will enhance the dental health for all which is another outreach program to include free dental check-up, tooth extraction and prophylaxis.

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The Rolling Clinic and Pharmacy and the Doctors to the Household as January to December 2023 served 17,078 patients as the rolling clinic and pharmacy dispenses 16,016 intervening drugs to patients while Doctors to the Household visited and administered medical care to 1,095 individuals.

As a sharing scheme between PLGU and respective C/MLGU 60 percent of the fund will be from the provincial budget while the 40 percent shall be borne by the MLGU except in Sorsogon City that will allocated 6O percent and the PLGU 40 percent.

The province will spend Php38,220,000 and the combined budget of the municipalities and the city will be Php30,640,000. A contingency fund of Php2,250,000 will be utilized as need be.

A Memorandum of Agreement between the PLGU and the C/MLGU was recently signed to properly monitor the implementation of the program. Recipients of the PLGU funds are required to submit the monthly Fund Utilization Report with the list of beneficiaries on the 25th day of the succeeding month.

Within the respective timeframe all programs, activities should be be roll-out as the fund was intended for fiscal year 2024 only with the unutilized provincial share be returned to the province.
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