June 13, 2024

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Sorsogon Electric Coop services not deserving by members consumers

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The hearing conducted by the Committee on Energy of the Sorsogon Provincial Board Chaired by Board Member Ryan Dioneda together with BM Juan Guysayko, the vice-chairman found out that Sorsogon I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SORECO I) management was remiss on its obligations in identifying critical areas that can trigger power interruption which the power utility admitted that they are creating another team to handle clearing operations aside from the teams of the districts.

The problem pictured SORECO I clearing team and its operation is not a priority causing a rebuke from committee vice-chairman Guysayko for failing to identify critical areas causing trip-off affecting the towns of Casiguran, Juban and Irosin recently could have been avoided if clearing operations is regularly done. It proves that the department’s concern is not up to the task.

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Whatever accomplishment they have is more on table data that member-consumers don’t deserve prompting the committee to request a copy of the accomplishment report.

Most of the time 7K personnel of the provincial government are clearing the service areas of SORECO I giving the impression that management is less cooperative to co-opt with the “Kalinigan” program in the province.

SORECO I representatives are mum on the assertion. Though the creation of another clearing team did not appease the committee for it was a long time coming.

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The committee invited SORECO I Engineers Edwin Garcia, Manager and Joel Deri of Technical Services to explain the frequent power interruption and how it is addressed by the management. 

It was explained that old transformers are being replaced but the contracting party after the award is yet to deliver.

Garcia’s view that since the contracted amount is less than the current market price after the award prompts Board Member Ryan Dioneda, the Committee chairman that management should notify or might as well cancel the award for whatever delay is disadvantageous to the power firm and its consumers.

The general manager did not reply positively to the suggestion which can be interpreted differently.

They are also in the process of setting up another sub-station to unload existing areas which will prevent multiple district power cut-offs during trip-off

 Dioneda requested a copy of SORECO I Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) for the committee to have a better understanding of the outlay.

On a happy note SORECO I unknowing of its member-consumers released more than 30 million pesos as a reimbursement when it amassed the amount during the previous management on successive instances.

Currently, however, they are in the process of recovering losses roughly charging 9 pesos as a generation charge and inclusive of all charges it sums to 14 pesos.

Under-recovery is also a burden to consumers. The recovery is allowed by the Energy Regulatory Board every two years.