April 18, 2024

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Sorsogon board member Atutubo declared “persona non grata” over faux pas

BM Edmundo Atutubo. Photo by Manny Ferrer / Bicol Express News

It was a bad Friday for Board Member Ed Atutubo.

A spilled water on an old lady councilor, a heated argument with another, and an exchange of blows with the Irosin administrator, occurring against a backdrop of hostile environment, and cold reception of Irosin officials.

These strange chemistry, and confluence of events on that Friday ended for him to be declared “persona non grata” by the Irosin Local Government on Monday.

Irosin officials declared Sorsogon board member Atutubo “persona non grata” over his faux pas.

To make it official, the Sangguniang Bayan of Irosin officially passed a resolution, authored by Municipal Councilor Jesus Borlagdan declaring Board member Ed Atutubo “persona non grata”.

It all started when an accidental spilling of bottled water by board member Atutubo on the lap of an Irosin lady councilor caused him to get the ire of some officials, resulting to exchange of blows with the municipal administrator that was immediately stopped by other officials.

In a press statement on Monday afternoon May 24, Atutubo said the atmosphere in the Irosin gym that Friday was “hostile”, sensing Irosin officials did not like the Information Caravan against Covid-19, they are holding as ordered by the Governor.

Then, an exchange of words resulted with officials over enforcement of health protocols.

Atutubo clarified over a press conference Monday afternoon that it was an “accident” regarding the water spill.

During the heated discussion, Atutubo accidental spilled water on Irosin Councilor Salome Navales, aged 71, who became emotional over the incident.

About the other incident, the fight with Municipal Administrator Enzo Ubalde, board member Atutubo clarified:
“After such, I immediately left the front area and headed to the exit, but I was met by the Municipal Administrator Enzo Ubalde shouting “Kadianes, karaot san ugale mo!” with blaring eyes, and a hard tap on my shoulder which was then followed by a punch that caused me to step back. As a defense reaction, I had to threw in a punch that landed below his eye, that also caused him to step back.”

It was not his day that Friday.