April 17, 2024

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Sanggunian Bayan of Gubat, Sorsogon comments over arrest of employee on drug related offense

Vice Mayor Sixto F. Estareja - Gubat, Sorsogon. Video grab: LGU Gubat

The arrest of one employee for drug related offense is an isolated case that must not tarnish the image of hundreds of workers of the Local Government of Gubat who are law abiding citizens.

This is the gist of the official statement from the Sanggunian Bayan of Gubat regarding the apprehension of its employee.

The Sanggunian Bayan said:
“This is in connection with the arrest of one of the Office of the Vice Mayor’s employees for alleged illegal drug activity which was conducted by the Regional Police Drug Enforcement Unit (RPDEU), Philippine National Police (PNP), Regional Office No. V last March 4, 2022 in this municipality.”

“We, express our strong condemnation against any unlawful act!”

It said the Office of the Vice Mayor does not tolerate any unlawful act/s committed by its employee/s. Illegal drugs and other unlawful activities have no room in this peaceful and law – abiding community.”

“Let the law and its courts speak and judge, convict those who are guilty and free those who are innocent. No one is above the law and a person who commits a crime has to face and suffer the consequences of his act,” the Sanggunian Bayan said.

“We congratulate and commend the RPDEU of the PNP for doing their job well done. Once again, the PNP had shown its sincerity and noble commitment in advancing their campaign against illegal drug activities,” it added.

The legislative body said: “Rest assured that this institution fully supports your campaign and efforts in combating illegal drugs and other unlawful activities in this municipality.”

However, the Sanggunian Bayan said: “Our constituents and the public, this is an isolated case. The offender is just one. We still have hundreds of them, who stand within the ambit of the law and live within the standard of good behavior, morals and accountability in public service. We will never give a hand nor consent to any wrong doing.”

The legislative office said, boosting up the morale of its employees:
“To our fellow public servant in this local government unit, let us continue working. Let us not allow this incident affect the quality of service we offer to the public. Preserve the good name and reputation of our institution as we walk in the path of morality and righteousness.”