April 18, 2024

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Politics of the gullible: Marcos may get urban poor votes

Former Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. PHOTO: REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

By Joey Natividad

Ferdinand Marcos Jr may run off with the urban poor votes in Metro Manila over tall tales of housing, capital money, and gold.

Focusing on the issue of lack of decent housing in urban poor communities, tales of Marcos gold deposits in foreign banks that will bail out the poor from the curse of poverty, and individual grants of capital money have ignited the imagination of urban poor dwellers

The urban and rural poor, including the slums, wield crucial votes turnout that may influence the outcome of the presidential election on May 2022 polls.

These gold tales have enabled Marcos to get inroads into the urban poor sub-sector, the slums.

Baiting the Gullible: Housing, P100K Grant, Gold”

Using well concocted gimmicks and promise of a “golden age”, Marcos men have been secretly organizing in Metro Manila slums as early as summer, promising slum dwellers decent housing, and ownership of lots they are occupying.

Aside from free house and lots, the slum dwellers’ names were registered allegedly for “processing as beneficiaries of Php 100,000 grant” from Marcos as capital money once he wins the election.

“Golden tales, great nation of gold”

On top of this, Marcos gold allegedly deposited in foreign banks will be used to payoff trillions of pesos of foreign debts, and shall “jump – start and energize” the economy.

And, the slum dwellers are mesmerized by this dream of a great Philippine nation, a story secretly churned out by Marcos spin masters.

Countless millennials in the slums of Metro Manila are already believers of Marcos, reports say.

This scheme has already assured Marcos of running off with a sizeable number of urban poor votes.