June 21, 2024

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Online Petition: Save the coast of Gubat Bay, Sorsogon

Mangrove forest in Gubat, Sorsogon. Photo: LGU Gubat Sorsogon

Gubat Bay rescue petition – Gumang Coastal area

On the planned Coastal Road Project at Gumang coastal àrea, Gubat, Sorsogon, citizens filed an online petition at change.org opposing the road project.

Since it’s posting on December 2, 2021, the petition has generated 242 signatures as Thursday, December 9.

These are the contents of the petition:

The paradisiacal beauty of the Gubat coast is currently facing the threat of destruction due to the Coastal Road Project.

The natural, rich and picturesque sea known as Calayucay Beach is unique in the province of Sorsogon due to it’s favorite sights and the biodiversity of the area; trees, mangroves, reefs, fish, crab and turtle spawning grounds.

Much of Gubatnon depends on fishing, aquaculture, agriculture and tourism. The destruction of natural resources will cause additional hardship to the entire community.

Even before construction began, the people strongly opposed the project but the wealth of the politicians was stronger than the voice of the suffering people.

Photo: LGU Gubat Sorsogon


1) Failed to go through proper public consultation with stakeholders.

2) No evaluation, assessment and study on the impact of the coastal road, nature and livelihood will be released.

3) .There is no study and comprehensive plan to present what are the projected economic returns of the millions cost on this project.

4) DPWH cannot explain or solve the worsening flood problem. Instead, the Coastal Road Project will block the natural flow of rainwater from the mountains to the sea.

5) The Coastal Road project is not a response to the plight of fishermen directly affected by the economic crisis

6) The Coastal Road Project is not a solution to the Climate Crisis

7) It is no longer timely to spend in the midst of the larger problem facing every person, the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the whole world has declared a Climate Emergency, DPWH R-5 and Gubat LGU are also busy with the project that will exacerbate Global Warming and irreversible destruction of nature.

Is DENR your adaptation measure to the Climate Crisis?

We call for an immediate halt to the Coastal Road Project destroying the natural beauty and wealth of our coast.

Also call on Mayor Sharon Escoto who spoke at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), to stand up for the environment and the livelihood of the people of Gubat!

And in the coming election, let us call for the election of a leader of the people of Gubat who will advocate for the environment, especially for the people and livelihood of Gubat, Sorsogon!