June 21, 2024

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Is there a link between vaccinations and Covid-19 spike?

Vaccination roll-out in Sorsogon. Bicol Express News photo


There are reports that many new Covid-19 patients in the past 4 weeks were already vaccinated.

Only the Department of Health (DOH) can officially confirm or dispute these rumours making the rounds among the affected citizenry.

Here’s the situation. When the first wave of vaccinations started in February, 2021, there was an observable increase of Covid cases.

This increase had snowballed to an unmanageable spike that alarmed the government to impose ECQ in middle of March, 2021, in the National Capital Region (NCR) including the adjacent provinces.

Every citizen has the right to know the truth, if the vaccinations have a direct link to the spike of Covid-19 cases.

Are the vaccines effective on the new variants?

Only DOH, WHO, or authorized health agencies can research and make known the findings to satisfy public health concern.