April 24, 2024

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Irosin LGU welcomes BDO branch

Photo: Irosin Infonews

Local Government  of Irosin has seen the opening of a BDO branch as proof of the town’s potential as a magnet for new business opportunities given its robust economy.

This is Mayor Alfredo “Pidoy” Cielo’s assessment of why the town was chosen for the bank third branch in the province. 

Banco de Oro Network Bank opened its newest branch in Irosin as a geographic alternative for clients in the second district of Sorsogon province.

The branch has the potential to attract clients from the towns of Bulan, Matnog, Sta. Magdalena and Bulan, easing the tedious travel to Sorsogon City where two of its branches operate.

Strategically located at the town commercial hub in ML Quezon Street, San Pedro, Irosin with banking hours of 8:30 in the morning to close at 4 in the afternoon, BDO Network Bank has started accepting clients.

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