May 21, 2024

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Handcuffed man found dead with bullet holes in Bacacay, Albay

Photo: Albay PPO

A handcuffed man was found dead in a canal with bullet wounds on his body at Bacacay, Albay.

At first glance it looked like the dead body was dumped in the area after the man was killed somewhere.

Police said at closer look, there were bullet casings, .45 and 9mm calibers, highly probable the victim was shot at the site where he was found.

The body was found near a funeral home next to a road in Purok 6 of Barangay Tambongon, Bacacay, Albay around 7 a.m., Friday,November 12.

Police said the victim was lying on his knees, his legs were bound, his hands were handcuffed, and with bullet holes on his head and various parts of the body.

PMAJ Michael Lorilla, Chief of Bacacay Municipal Police Station, said they would wait for final autopsy report.

The unidentified body was wearing a red t-shirt and black pants. Approximately 30-35 years old and have tattoos on various parts of the body.

“We call on the public to help us identify the victim, maybe they have family members or acquaintances who are missing. Please contact us,” said PMAJ Lorilla.

Police were still investigating who were behind the killing and the motive.