June 21, 2024

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Farewell, My DJ friend Jojo “Batag” Banana

DJ Jojo Banana. Photo from FB

by Totep Perez

Rodjie Abril, popularly known as Jojo Banana as his official DJ monicker at DWOK FM of Pbn Broadcasting Network, and I became constant tandem during production projects in 1998 onwards.

We lost count on how many corporate hymns, political jingles, radio and TV ads, network stingers, teasers and bumpers we produced daily under strict deadlines.

Among colleagues in the broadcast industry, we conveniently called him Batag, Bicol for Banana, a spin-off from his radio monicker.

He was the usual voice over talent for the network plugs and some special clients.

He was also the usual choice for corporate songs with his deep baritone voice and masculine vibrato that evoked authority.

We parted ways, when I was transferred to PBN DZMS Sorsogon, while he became busy with his political career.

But we still met occasionally during network events and exchanged updates on our latest audio productions.

The most memorable incident I had with him was one early morning, that our network owner, big lady boss Madam Brenda Bayona-Locsin required the entire production team to have a formal and official meeting to put order, or system in our operations with Jojo as the presiding officer.

The tall order was to create rules.

Thus, we crafted these rules:
Rule number 1 – There are no rules.
Rule number 2 – When in doubt, refer to rule number 1.

That ended our first and last formal and official production team meeting ever.

I hope in Heaven there will be a lot of beer prepared for you, Jojo.

“Bottoms up, Batag, kampay!”