April 24, 2024

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Escudero: DOTr “No vax, No ride” policy unlawful

Chiz Escudero. Photo from FB

Former senator Chiz Escudero urged the Department of Transportation (DOTr) to withdraw it’s “no vaccine no ride” policy on the commuting public.

“There is no law that establishes the ‘no vaxx, no ride’ policy of the DOTr,” Escudero said.

“It should be withdrawn immediately because it hinders the free movement of the public, whether vaccinated or not,” he said.

“There is full confidence and I believe in the effectiveness and protection of the vaccine, so we should still reach the millions who have not been vaccinated,” said Escudero who is the current Governor of Sorsogon.

Vaccination roll-out in Sorsogon. Bicol Express News photo

He said: “Let’s bring the vaccine closer to those who want to be vaccinated, convince those who don’t want to be vaccinated and let’s stop pushing and being afraid.”

Public transportation is a necessity and vaccination status should not be applied to any individual to deny him or her access to any public transportation.