May 27, 2024

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Eco-adventure River Cruise soon in Casiguran

The Casiguran River. Photo: Bicol Express News

CASIGURAN, Sorsogon – Noting the potential of eco-tourism in terms of livelihood and employment opportunities, LGU Casiguran is giving priority to a stretch of river traversing the barangays of Adovis, Central, Tulay, and Cawit. The plan is to convert this waterway into a river cruise with a floating restaurant and sprucing the banks with ornamental plants.

This tourism agenda was a step ahead for the recovery of tourism in the town despite the specter of its losses due to the pandemic. Casiguran’s plans to undertake the eco-adventure river cruise was integral in their tourism development program.

According to Angel Ayala, Municipal Information and Tourism Officer the town executive Edwin Hamor believes that the potential of the river is tremendous and will be a boon for the local tourism thrust.

It is also envisioned that it may run into the mouth of Sorsogon Bay adding more harmony to the coastal lines of the river.

When operational the river cruise will be co-managed by community officers of the area with the supervision of the LGU tourism office.

The Casiguran River. Photo: Bicol Express News