June 17, 2024

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“Develop more potable water systems in rural barangays amid climate change,” – ABC Chavez of Camarines Sur

"ABC" Antonio B. Chavez of 4th District, Camarines Sur

Visiting Siruma in Camarines Sur Province, “ABC” Antonio B. Chavez learned from residents that lack of potable water is the pressing concern in the communities.

According to Siruma residents, water wells had dried in some barangays, others had high salt content owing to proximity to the sea coast, and drying up of underground springs.

ABC Chavez vowed to solve Siruma’s water problem once he gets the people’s mandate in the 4th District.

ABC Chavez is candidate for Representative of 4th District.

“ABC” Antonio B. Chavez discusses the potable water crisis with the people of Siruma, Camarines Sur.

Siruma’s water crisis might be related to effects of global warming and climate change.

Other towns of the 4th District are also suffering depleting potable water sources.

The 4th District of Camarines Sur is composed by 10 towns, namely Caramoan. Garchitorena, Siruma, Tinambac, Presentacion , Lagonoy, San Jose, Goa, Tigaon, and Sagñay.

ABC Chavez says potable water systems in rural barangays in the country must be improved, existing ones rehabilitated, and to develop new spring sources to mitigate the effects of global warming and climate change.