May 21, 2024

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BSP new series of commemorative coins out; 100-Piso coin impacts collector, numismatist market

Courtesy of BSP

Commemorative coins play a key role in highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines.

As the depository and custodian of the country’s numismatic heritage, the Central Bank releases commemorative coins that feature significant events in Philippine history, landmarks, and legacies of esteemed Filipinos.

The latest commemorative coins issued by the BSP feature Filipino heroes Teresa Magbanua, Mariano Ponce, and General Emilio Aguinaldo.

These 100-Piso coins were sold online through the BSP Store at Php350.00 each, but were immediately sold out due to high demand.

Courtesy of BSP

Like BSP-issued coins in general circulation, commemorative coins are deemed legal tender, unless these coins have been demonetized.

Most commemorative coins are designed and produced in limited quantities and are minted from precious metals, like gold and silver.

These make the coins special, attracting great interest from numismatists and the public.

Courtesy of BSP