February 25, 2024

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BIGGS gainfully employed differently abled persons

BIGGS Barlin, Naga City staff at the center are deaf server Jonalyn Alfon and Cristina Arcilla.

by Bicol Express News

The indifference of other businesses to ignore the potential of differently-abled people to share their talents and positive work ethics became the avenue for BIGGS to tap the Naga City Deaf Society to process possible deaf applicants. They now employed four of the society‘s members. Two are servers and the other two are kitchen staff.

As an inclusive business, BIGGS took a bold step to hire differently-abled persons who qualified. They were oriented and trained as they queried how to become an effective member of the 40-year-old brand that made it.

BIGGS Barlin, Naga City deaf server Jonalyn Alfon and Cristina Arcilla.

What is interesting is the participation in the 2 days training of BIGGS employees. It was a way of welcoming the deaf employees as part of the team and for the employees to communicate better with them.

The approach made it easy for everyone to deliver the best BIGGS service to its burgeoning clients as they treasure doing business in an environment of stiff competition in the food business but better food and inclusive services valuing comfort to their customers was the big difference.

Jonalyn Alfon a Senior High School graduate said that to fit in any job is hard being deaf but Ma’am Shayna an advocate of the deaf society in Naga urged her to apply as a server at BIGGS.

She was hired in August 2023 but found it hard to be appreciated by her co-workers for the barrier is the language. It was understandable she said.

Jonalyn took time to teach her co-employees basic sign language even their manager making it easier for communication. She has no regrets for outside of their community at Biggs she belongs to a new family.

While Cristina Arcilla after giving birth needed to support her family and it was Biggs who gave her the opportunity. As one needs to be nurtured, her co-employees were very supportive familiarizing her run-around in the production area at BIGGS.

BIGGS Barlin, Naga City deaf server Jonalyn Alfon and Cristina Arcilla.

It was a challenging first few days but patiently learned how to handle the responsibility.

The sad part is that she was terminated for an infraction of house rules but when a branch opened in San Felipe she tried her luck again and got hired as a kitchen staff.

It was a different experience, as Jonaly also taught her co-hearing worker’s basic sign language in return for their favors in leading her with how things are done by kitchen staff.

With 22 branches in Bicol and still expanding and positioning to metro areas, it is presumed that the deaf community will have an opportunity to be employed in BIGGS upcoming branches. (Bicol Express News)

Erratum. San Felipe is the main office and production hub of BIGGS. It was erroneously classified as a branch in the article. Ed