April 24, 2024

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4th Blood Letting activity of Peter Paul Philippine Corp. Sorsogon is a social commitment

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The saying that “Your droplets of blood may create an ocean of happiness” was one of Peter Paul Philippine Corporation (PPPC) Sorsogon plant corporate responsibilities as it embarks on its fourth blood donation campaign today, November 9.

The corporation believes that only a few drops of blood from a donor “helps life to bloom” which is synonymous with their aspirations to empower the coconut farmers in their service areas to reasonably earn.

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The activity in cooperation with civil society, the military and police personnel, the volunteers from the Department of Health, and from a private hospital is proof of their established integrity in promoting wellness. Not to be outdone PPPC personnel lined up for the donation. Every bloodletting blood typing is a must for it identifies the blood group of a donor.

Some of them are donors before happy that every drop of their blood may become a breath of life for others.

With seventy donors 24,500cc of blood was collected each donating 350cc.

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Every June 14 countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day raising awareness of the need for safe blood from voluntary blood donors for their life-saving gift of blood which is a key component of an effective health system according to the World Health Organization.

The first known blood transfusion recorded from human to human was performed by Dr. James Blund in 1818. In 1875 Karl Landsteiner identified the A, B, and O groups in human blood that started the development of Transfusion Medicine.

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