April 24, 2024

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Sorsogon province way ahead in protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ community

The long-forgotten aspirations of LGBTQ+ to be on equal footing in terms of social opportunity may soon end here in Sorsogon as the provincial leaders opted to see their potentials and made sure that those mostly in need of shelters and struggling in their late years of life may find solace, compassion, and respect in the community.

In a one of a kind strategy it was included in the holistic 7K program to promote equality, understanding and commitment to oneness as Sorsogon threads a united approach to develop its potentials as a Province of Hope livable for everyone irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity.

The previous administration had seen the abject conditions of LGBTQ+ that disrespect and bullying more than insulted their persona. That insult redounds to the position of the province knowing the international charter upholds the human rights as collectively upheld by the global community. The present leadership had seen the responsibility to end abuses, some killed for simply who they are and whom they love.

By incorporating it in the 7K program of the present administration the idea of the previous provincial leader was that laid the foundation to secure them their own wall serving as their thread stone for respectability in a 1,500 square meter donated lot by the family of Zaldy Jebulan at San Juan (Roro) Sorsogon City will rise a shelter for the destitute, homeless, elderly and abandoned LGBTQ+ hoping to end their crisis identity. The shelter gives hope, aspiration of respect, a beauty of life that will resonate among the other provinces of the Bicol region to emulate what Sorsogon is doing.

Sorsogon hashtag# UnaanSorsogon is but a testament of Beautiful Sorsogon.