July 20, 2024

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Sorsogon province unveils “Pagbutwa” tourism program

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The sighting and emergence of whale shark (Rhincodon typus) which is the largest known extant fish species in the world in Donsol town ushers in the much awaited season for adventurous tourists to interact with the non-mammalian animal.

With the expected arrival of domestic and international tourists at Donsol, the Provincial Tourism and Culture and Arts office of Sorsogon launched the “Pagbutwa” program which is a two pronged initiative in line with the province 7K “Kagandahan” program in tandem with the town local government and other stakeholders.

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The program aims for a sustainable seas preserving the marine wonders of Sorsogon fortifying the eco-sustainability as it launches a boat enhancement strategy for local boatmen that will provide subsidies to upgrade their sea vessel worthiness catering to tourists for whale shark interaction.

The program is expected to boost boatmen’s livelihood to complement the livelihood initiative of the provincial government.

The launching of Pagbutwa and enhancement strategy for Dossnol boatmen interlocks with the 7K banner program objectives as a vehicle to achieve decent work and economic growth allowing the locals to have a quality and equal opportunity for growth and have careful management of marine environment and other aquatic resources.

“PAGBUTWA” is an invitation to see the hidden marine beauty of Donsol as the whale shark season begins.

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