June 13, 2024

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Sorsogon City adopts “granular lockdown” in new Executive Order

Photo by Cyril Oropesa

Sorsogon City issued an executive order adding more teeth to its anti-covid 19 campaign as the city reels over from the increasing number of Covid 19 cases.

The latest order is to adopt “granular lockdown”, a new policy from IATF to place under lockdown local infected areas, while permitting regulated normalcy in nearby communities without disrupting the local economy.

City Mayor Ester Hamor signed Executive Order # 36, s. 2021, providing additional guidelines in its Covid – response management.

Salient points of EO 36 are:

  1. Imposition of a weekend lockdown in Sorsogon City (Saturday and Sunday granular lockdown).
  2. Adjusted daily curfew curfew hours from 9PM – 4AM, TO 7PM – 5AM.
  3. Liquor ban as defined in EO 34, 2021 shall continue.
  4. Religious services are allowed up to 30% of the Church seating capacity once a day.
    Members shall not be allowed to attend services outside the Church.