February 25, 2024

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Petition counsel explains Marcos Jr disqualification case filed before Supreme Court

A petition to disqualify Ferdinand Marcos Jr from holding public office was filed before the Supreme Court.

Attorney Howie Calleja , counsel for the petitioners on the filing of the disqualification case vs Ferdinand Marcos Jr in the Supreme Court, said:

“Today, we are filing a petition for certiorari with TRO asking the Supreme Court to disqualify Ferdinand Marcos Jr. from holding public office. In filing this petition we respectfully disagree with the ruling of the COMELEC, and are saddened by their delay in resolving the case.”

Attorney Howard M. Calleja identified himself as a litigation lawyer, Professor of Law at Ateneo de Manila and De La Salle Law School, and Counsel for petitioners in the Marcos disqualification case

“We are mindful of the duty of Congress to convene and proclaim a President,
however the Supreme Court likewise has a duty to uphold the rule of law regardless of any political exercise or issue”, the lawyer said.

He expressed his trust for the Judiciary, saying “We trust the integrity of all the justices of the Supreme Court and believe in their independence.”

Attorney Calleja, in his statement, also said: “We are likewise mindful of the May 9, 2022 elections, thus we pray for an immediate resolution to the case. We stand by the principles of truth and justice”.

He reminded the public: “As a fruit of a poisonous tree, no victory can be attained through lies and deceit. A disqualified and convicted candidate remains as such, and no election can overshadow that.”

He ended his statement, rallying for rule of law: “We believe that, in order for us to move forward as one nation, we have to implement our laws without fear or favor. Justice need not be popular, it has to be fair, right and implemented equally to everyone.”