May 19, 2024

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LTO-Sorsogon to start distributing licenses for ‘law-abiding drivers only’

Photo: LTO Bicol

In a statement to media, LTO-Sorsogon chief Grace Rojas said the distribution of the 10-year validity driver’s license is scheduled for November 12 or the second week of the said month.

LTO clarified, the new driver’s license is only for people without traffic violations. She added that there should be no demerit point at all.

The ‘demerit’ system came about with the implementation of RA 10930, something that extends the validity of the driver’s license.

The implementing rules and regulations of the Republic Act state that the demerit depends on the severity of the violation: if the driver has 5 demerit points, it is already subject to grave violations, less grave violations if there are 3 demerit points and light violation if there is a demerit point.

It turns out that the limit for one year will be up to 40 demerit points so that a driver’s license can be revoked for up to two years.