May 19, 2024

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Leaf portrait of AP Non and Angel Locsin a testament of solidarity

Ann Patricia Non and Angel Locsin leaf portrait by Dominic Jay Gregorio

TIGAON, Camarines Sur—A leaf artist here solidifies the stature of Ann Patricia Non and Angel Locsin that are now the symbol of the Bayanihan spirit just like the others who set up the Community Pantry that galvanizes the national government to the point of being red-tag by the NTF-ELCAC aide from the call for an audit of the funds received.

Dominic Jay Gregorio a 23-year-old leaf artist intricately pictured the faces of Non and Locsin in a leaf of “Langka” saying that he is all admired for the tenacity of the two women and the other organizers of the community pantry.

Gregorio lso defended Non and Locsin and the other organizers that Non was red-tagged while Locsin was a subject of bashing because of the unfortunate death of an old waiting in line in the pantry she set up on her birthday.

Saying “this is not the time when a well-meaning effort be seen as an act against anyone, instead be part of the efforts to lessen the suffering of the needy.”

Together with his family and friends their community pantry in Talojongon, Tigaon is now on the third day serving the needy.