April 18, 2024

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ISO Certificate awarded to Sorsogon Province

Photo from Chiz Escudero FB

SORSOGON PROVINCE – The task of delivering public service in the most expeditious and efficient way is now on hand for the workforce of the provincial government employees of Sorsogon after it received formally today the Certificate complying the International Standard in delivering a quality, efficient service to the public.

The distinction is first in the Bicol Region among its six provinces which according to Governor Chiz Escudero a testament of competence and commitment of the provincial employees to render a quality management system with an efficient public service.

With ISO 9001-2015 awarded by the Certification International Philippines, Inc.(CIPI) the quality of public service is now aligned with the International Standard Organization, a Swiss-based international group known globally for focusing on quality management systems and in documenting processes procedures and responsibilities
on quality control and professionalizing the ranks of employees for quality service.

The system of procedures in dispensing public service is now a tool to eliminate red tape, eradicate if not lessen corruption.

The governor said that the Sorsogon as a province is proud to have efficient public governance and service, timely, economical as the hallmark of public service.

The provincial government started the process in June 2019 under the supervision of the Development Academy of the Philippines with the system audit made in April and May with 22 of the provincial department’s offices receiving the ISO Certification.