March 3, 2024

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Araw ng mga Bayani Selection: Four songs for and about heroes

Musika Publiko pays tribute to the heroes of the country by sharing this shortlist of four songs, and a Spotify playlist that aims to motivate love of country, love for our kababayan, and the Filipino people’s continuing aspiration for better conditions and good governance.

DAM – Talahib People’s Music

Internationally renowned Filipino World Music rock band Talahib People’s Music was one of the bands that welcomed Miss Universe Catriona Gray during her homecoming with their goosebumps-inducing performance that was marked by the use of indigenous instruments.

After almost a decade since their last official release, here comes DAM – a song that is both a tribute to the katutubo – Indigenous people in the Philippines, and how development aggression continues to destroy their homes, communities, livelihoods, culture, and way of life.

PAGPUPUGAY – Karl Ramirez

Prolific Bicolano singer-songwriter Karl Ramirez releases and dedicates PAGPUPUGAY, the second track of his upcoming music album, to Filipinos who continue to fight for genuine peace, justice, democracy, and the freedom to express freely.


Zoe delos Santos of the grunge-rock band Slumberparty composed and performed TINIK SA LALAMUNAN, which was originally released for the acoustic collection of Musika Publiko titled Sulat, Puso, Diwa.

The song resonates with a powerful message about Filipino women and takes pride in their heroism. It also takes a swipe at men’s backward thinking that women always need saving, when actually it is the patriarchal thinking perpetrated by men that continues to oppress the Filipina.

MAGITING – Musika Publiko

During the first year of the pandemic and while the world was on lockdown, Musika Publiko’s nationwide and worldwide network of socially relevant musicians came together to produce and record MAGITING, a song dedicated to the country’s health frontliners.

More than 50 musicians participated in the remote recording of the song, which was composed by songwriter and music producer Jaime Hernandez. The musical arrangement was a fusion of providing space to every musician so that they are uniquely heard throughout the song while creating a powerful impact when voices come together, united in chorus.

As for the playlist, check this ever-growing collection of socially relevant music on Spotify: