March 3, 2024

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Acid Test on Remulla case

Justice Sec. Boying Remulla. Photo from FB

OPINION: What’s to be done? by Jose Cortez

Will the son of DOJ Secretary Boying Remulla go to jail for drug possession or not?

The betting in social media is that he won’t.

The double standard is in effect base on the father’s powers as Justice Secretary.

I recall incidents of powerful senators, justices, prosecutors, police, and military officers interventioning in such cases.

There have been instances of prosecutors dismissing cases outright, or amending indictment from “pusher” to “user”, to lower the penalty for the accused.


Investigations into the ambush of Percy Lapid is going nowhere, despite the P50M bounty.

Pictures of a person of interest have been circulated.

Still the police is officially mum on the progress of their investigations.

Meanwhile, speculations on the mastermind have also appeared in social media.

Based on the MO of the killers, (riding in tandem), the arrows of suspicion point to a dreaded death squad from Davao.


I am sharing you this link to a video about the latest Russia – Ukraine War, with panicking Russians deserting the front lines.



(About the writer) : Jose Cortez has been a political journalist for 50 years, writer, and editor. In pre-Martial Law days, he wrote for Manila Times, and post-Martial Law for Philippine Graphic and Metro Sun.