March 1, 2024

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7K program: A plus factor with a challenge to village chiefs of Sorsogon

Sorsogon Governor Edwin Hamor. Photo by Joecel Domalaon Perez

by Bicol Express News

The gathering of village chiefs called by Sorsogon Governor Edwin Hamor was a plus factor for the incumbents seeking re-election by October 30 this year. It was a challenge to prove their worth and why they should remain in office. The working ground was laid out.

The attendance of the village chiefs from the fourteen towns and the city though short of a hundred percent still put in effect “who is the go-to guy” in terms of political survival among the chieftains. The governor said that he is ready to help but conditioned on the premise one to show their worth particularly their active participation in the implementation of the 7K program which his administration is championing.

Sorsogon Governor Edwin Hamor. Photo by Joecel Domalaon Perez

The gathering short of a political assembly echoed in the political front of the province for it aims to boost the populace’s general welfare formulated during the three days of strategic planning chaired by the governor with the provincial government department heads identifying and funding critical and most need area of the banner programs. The assurance of funds allocated sourced from the ending balance of the provincial fund of 2022 was approved by the provincial board.

The components of the 7K program are Kalinigan, Kagandahan, Kalusugan, Katrangkiluhan, Kadunungan, Kalikasan and Kabuhayahan. Simply put all were geared to amplify the thrust of the province to dispense  funds lateral to the felt development of Sorsogon.

Photo by Joecel Domalaon Perez

The call for cooperation to accomplish and achieve the ratio of public acceptance was synonymous with the “value for peso” spent, it was also a clear statement that public funds as entrusted to public accountable officers be utilized under the clear mandate of public accountability and responsibility.

The Kalinigan and Kagandahan calibrated schedule surpasses expectations in some areas knowing that the clock is ticking to achieve their Gantt chart . It was a progression of their schedule and accomplishment of their timeline from start to finish. The same holds true for the other programs though four are on track still a long way to achieve the bar of completion.

The funding for each program is millions back staff personnel disperse to different areas for monitoring by programs managers. Presently four are running including the one million trees challenge. This challenge is perhaps the only one existing in the country and will become a showcase for what it calls “not to just plant a tree but to grow a tree”. It will be championed by the environment department.

Sorsogon Governor Edwin Hamor. Photo by Joecel Domalaon Perez

Achieving the goal needs nurseries not only in the town centers but in the barangays. Funding support will only be provided after the assessment of key personnel of the nurseries propagated.

The town of Matnog was praised for the observance of the “Blue Lane” easing the congestion leading to the gateway port to Visayas and Mindanao. Though lately the town became controversial because of the “getting me rich scheme.”

The governor called the attention of the municipal board for there were instances that barangay budgets were not reviewed and passed thus budget for barangay development is at a standstill for they are operating under a re-enacted budget. Only personnel service can be dispensed. It was an observation of a laggard attitude in public service by some municipal councils.

Bobby Gigantone, Sorsogon Provincial Tourism Head and Program Manager of Kalinigan & Kagandahan Project. Photo by Joecel Domalaon Perez

That observation was critical for a year or two barangay budgets will share at least ten percent as a counterpart of the program. The province will share sixty percent to implement the program while the municipality rolls forty percent for now. It was cautioned that if a municipality is not able to have counterpart funds for the program because of the limitations of their budgets still the province will undertake the unfunded program but with a leverage of sixty percent choosing the percentage against the number of barangays in the municipality.  Though civil in his observation but critical at his best.

For the failure of one can be the failure of all.