December 10, 2023

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Naga City Musicians, Citizens rise up for Naga City’s trees

The Musika Publiko in Naga City, together with concerned musicians and citizens, gather for Naga City’s trees Thursday, August 3, 2023.

In a statement posted on its Facebook page, Musika Publiko in Naga City said that “As a music network that advocates for good governance and environmental protection, we are very concerned with the recent cutting of trees and upcoming plans to cut more.”

“We join fellow musicians, artists, and environmental advocates in Naga City in the call to stop these tree cuttings, especially Naga City’s heritage trees,” Musika Publiko adds.

The advocacy music event will be from 5-8 PM at the corner of Panganiban Drive and Centro Naga City, in front of the Maryed Music Store. “Save Naga City Trees” is a citizens’ action and music event featuring singer-songwriters and musicians Tiano Lelis, Khryss Arañas, Karl Ramirez, Paul Bordado, Kilyab, EvaMan, Kap Logan, Catarsis, El Fuego Familia, Idlepitch, Jawaid Razon Banaag, Khimbo Combato, and more.

“We urge the City government to please heed this call for the sake of Naga City’s future. We fully support the dialogue currently happening between environmentalist groups, advocacy, and civil society organizations and the Naga City government,” Musika Publiko adds.

The initiative is in partnership with the Naga City People’s Council.

“We will sing for the trees! We join in standing up for Naga City’s environment!” ends Musika Publiko Naga City’s statement.