May 30, 2024

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Why NPC Sorsogon endorses VP Leni

Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero and Casiguran Mayor Edwin Hamor


The common ground became apparent for Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) Sorsogon candidates when it decided to endorse VP Leni Robredo their presidential choice after speculations that the province may become compartmental on its preference. This sentiment was perceived by many when Governor Chiz Escudero did not endorse the candidacy of the vice-president during her campaign sortie in the province though he was present at that time and in many instances animatedly conversing with the guest presidential candidate.

But why should the local NPC leadership endorse VP Leni instead of the namesake of the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr admittedly a long-time friend of the Chiz Escudero?

Sorsogon is considered an NPC bailiwick after Escudero was elected as Governor of the province in 2019 consolidating the NPC members here by his influence that ensured their party majority this coming election. The province leaders were courteous enough welcoming other presidential hopefuls and the surrogates of national aspirants for none was voiced by NPC leaders here whom they will endorse until two days ago.

Two days ago in a radio interview it was Edwin Hamor the mayor of Casiguran who is aspiring the top provincial post this May announced that VP Leni is the Sorsogon NPC presidential bet thereby recusing the governor of possible backlash from the supporters of the other presidential candidates knowing that the come backing senator Escudero is also in their slate.

With the remaining forty-five days of campaigning a realization base on the sentiments of Sorsogon voters pulled the strings for Sorsogon NPC’s decision to support VP Leni’s presidential bid. This statement from the second-in-command of the Escudero group here may bleed the aspirations of BBM to garner bigger numbers by May.

In 2016 vice-presidential race Escudero was the running mate of Senator Grace Poe and Robredo reluctantly ran under Mar Roxas for the same position. The tally of votes for both is more than three hundred thousand. Escudero got 210 thousand plus while Robredo received 90 thousand plus votes. The combined votes are calculated to be Robredo’s number this coming election here or near to it.

If the NPC here opted to endorse not the vice-president is a backlash to their candidacies is fearsome for the province voters are glued to the capacity of the vice-president no matter how the Marcosian dream of “Pagkakaisa.”

With the high acceptance rating of BBM halfway to the campaign was concerning for the frontrunner in the presidential race has already reached the apex of confidence and that by the law of nature such popularity will wane. The indication points to the increasing number of VP Leni rising steadily and eventually will catch up days before voters go to the polls.

If the remaining campaign period and the touted big Makati rally is a yardstick aside from the Pasig rally and the rest s of the sorties of the Bicolana then soon the mammoth crowd in attendance is a crescent of a moon that soon to be a full moon of voters for her. Such a scenario is not lost to the local NPC leaders here.

As explained by Hamor, the comparison among the presidential candidates the vice-president stands solidly with regards to the national agenda. His statement was the icing of the party endorsement.

Another influencer is the former second district congressman Deogracias Ramos who knows the vice-president personally when both are members in the lower house. Still a powerful figure in local politics he urged the town executives of the province to throw their support to the candidacy of Robredo early on.

But not to forget the infectious energy of Leni’s volunteers who are closely watching the moves of the local candidates. Any merry-go-round from them is tantamount to betrayal to a native Sorsoganon. That is unforgivable.

But it was not an easy choice for NPC Sorsogon for the solidity of the endorsement should be mouthed by the mayors of the fourteen towns and of the city proving indeed that they heeded the pronouncement of their gubernatorial candidate when it endorses the presidential bid of VP Robredo.

They know that Robredo’s catch in Sorsogon for she is a daughter of the province not endorsing her is considered an insult and a mortal sin even to their staunch supporters. By the end of the day the number of votes in Sorsogon for VP Leni may count the stapled sample ballots distributed. (Bicol Express News)